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The mission of the Kittitas County Early Learning Coalition is to jump start children to kindergarten. We support school readiness by: Providing Parent Child Early Learning events that engage parents and children from birth through five years of age; and promoting and providing standardized developmental screening for all children. 

Strategic Priorities 

  1. Align PreK & K-3rd Instructional and Programmatic Practices 

  2. Provide more Parent Learning Opportunities 

  3. Ensure Developmental Screening 

  4. Strengthen Public Awareness and Commitment 

  5. Engage, Teach and Build resiliency by                                             developing self-regulation and relationship skills.

  6. Celebrate, Honor and Respect people from all cultures.


Jump-start to kindergarten: 

TEACHES parents how to engage their children in learning; 

AFFIRMS parents as their child’s first and most influential teacher; 

SUPPLIES free books and tool kits to continue the learning at home; 

PROVIDES developmental screening and early intervention.


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