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Our Volunteers
Contribute in Different Ways

Our Graduates - These girls attended our Parent Child Early Learning events until they aged out. During the summer of 2022 and 2023, they package educational tool bags (faster than Michele and in 2022, they were entrepreneurs and sold lemonade to benefit the Kittitas County Early Learning Coalition.​

Central Washington University Students are a great help and faculty appreciate giving students the opportunity for hands on learning.


Our Table Chair Team - Trevor May is an Umpqua Bank employee.  Umpqua Bank encourages employees to volunteer.  Employees with supervisor permission, can take work time to volunteer.  Trevor is bilingual and his ability to push chair and table carts is very much appreciated.  Nick Fawcett helped us connect with foster families served by Skookum and is a pro at wheeling the table cart. His older children also help with pack out. Doug Fulp brought his daughter to our events and now she helps her dad with pack out.  Doug's easy going attitude pushing carts inspires us.  


Rotarians help us get free books to early learners in their Little Libraries                                                                                      and volunteer at events and packaging educational tools.

Diane Schilling and Anna Charlton stepped in when our usual volunteers were unable to come. 

Their willingness to figure things out and doing things outside their comfort level is very much

appreciated. Anna was already in her 6th year as our volunteer treasurer.

Gerri Miller, a retired community health nurse, has helped parents access developmental

screening at events.

Sometimes getting bulk orders of books delivered is a challenge.  Tim Cawley-Murphree saved the day.  He took time off from work to drive from Wenatchee to Yakima and back to pick up 500 lbs. of books that were stuck in Yakima.  He dropped them in Ellensburg and went back to Wenatchee.  Round Trip - 214 miles, 4 hours driving, 800 books delivered.  Our trailer has a bucket of ice melt and snow shovel.  The shovel was in our way so I asked Tim to take look. One look, phone came out and he ordered the bracket he uses on his fire trucks.  He refused reimbursement and we love having a shovel securely attached.  

Dan Shissler hauled our packed trailer for several years and now Neil Lindquist does the hauling.  They both take the task in stride and are never phased by challenges. Neil’s skills with a drill has remedied several challenges packing and unpacking all the equipment needed at events.

There is a role for everyone! We are looking for playdough makers.  All supplies and the recipe are provided.

Volunteers choose a role they want to fill. You can't have fun if you aren't comfortable with your role.

And our volunteers have FUN!

More stories of our volunteer contributions to come. There are more amazing volunteers.

Without volunteers, we could not do all this today and in the future!

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